9 Best Contemporary Sconces For The Living Room

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For a previous article, I asked all of my followers to give me their opinion on wall sconces for the living room. The majority of you agreed that it depends on the rest of the lights and the style of the living room.

As you see them fit for more traditional living rooms, I promised you I would write an article giving you some sconce ideas for more contemporary styles.

So, as promised, here are the best contemporary sconces for the living room!

contemporary sconces for the living room

Before we see the 9 best contemporary sconces for the living room, let’s do a quick recap and see when to use sconces in your living room and when not to, as well as some tips that you can follow to make sure your sconces are perfectly balanced.

Should I Install Sconces In The Living Room?

This question depends on several factors, including whether you have enough floor or table space, what is your main source of ambient light, if your walls are empty, and so on.

Sconces in the living room should be used carefully as there are usually better options out there to provide both ambient and task light.

I did a survey asking my followers what they think of sconces in the living room and the responses varied. Read my article on sconces in the living room to see the results as well as my complete opinion.

Ambient light

For ambient light, use sconces if you can’t install cove lighting or recessed can lights, or if you don’t have enough space for floor uplighters, like torchiere lamps.

Remember, to place them symmetrically, use sconces that point the light upwards, and always use the same type of sconces.

Task lighting

For task lighting, consider floor or table lamps. Again, use sconces if you don’t have enough space.

Swing-arm sconces are an excellent choice because they are more functional while also creating a focal point in your living room.

Pro Tip: Don’t use more than two swing-arm sconces in your living room!

9 Best Contemporary Sconces For The Living Room

Contemporary sconces for the living room

The Ezio wall sconces are amazing for the living room for several reasons.

First, they look extremely elegant, minimal, and modern, so they fit in all contemporary styles without a doubt. They come in 3 colors so you can definitely choose the ones that will look best within the rest of your living room design.

Second, they have this unique symmetry to them, which allows them to be placed unsymmetrically on your wall. You can just place them wherever you want and they will look great together. (Secret: this also makes them good for accent lighting if you have an empty wall.)

Lastly, made from sheet metal, these modern LED sconces come in two color temperatures: warm white and cool white.

For contemporary living rooms, cool white is more appropriate. I have an entire guide on color temperature in the living room so you can read more about this topic and decide whether cool or warm white is better for your space.

ayleen wall lamp

The Ayleen sconce is one of the safest choices for a contemporary living room. Its symmetry, length, and minimalism make it ideal for empty walls and underlit spaces.

This dimmable LED sconce kind of breaks all the rules of what sconces represent – it’s a long wall light that also acts as accent lighting. This means that it creates a focal point and steals the show.

It goes really well with recessed can lights and cove lighting because it blends the light from the top to the bottom – it layers the light from ambient to task perfectly.

aine wall lamp

The Aine sconce functions exactly like a table lamp but is made for when there is not enough space.

It is ideal for task spaces (e.g., over an armchair for reading) because it has a cable switch that is easily accessible.

I definitely recommend this sconce for task lighting but it is not good for ambient lighting.

However, it also comes in an unplugged version in case you want to use it elsewhere in your home. I would suggest the unplugged version for bedrooms, hallways, and staircases – not for a contemporary living room.

meital wall lamp

The Meital wall sconce is another contemporary wall light that you can’t go wrong with.

Although I have to say, it does fit in in some living rooms more than in others. For the best effect, you must have very symmetrical furniture, black and white preferably, with empty walls that can benefit from focal points.

This sconce comes in 3 colors so you can choose the one that’s best for you, although I usually suggest black for contemporary living rooms.

sawar wall lamp

What makes the Sawar sconce stand out so much is that it projects lights both upwards and downwards, making it ideal for task and ambient light simultaneously.

As we saw, contemporary sconces for the living room are best used when there are no other options available or not too much space for torchiere or table lamps.

Well, the Sawar sconce has got you covered!

Its unique design allows the LED bulbs to rotate 360 degrees so you can point the light exactly where you want it.

It comes in designs of one, two, or three lamps. I would go for the two as it is more aesthetically pleasing, symmetrical, and practical!

lucian wall lamp

The Lucian sconce is a fantastic choice for contemporary living rooms and other rooms where there is available space on the wall.

This sconce is so simplistic but at the same time so modern, as it makes it look like a bowl is hugging the bulb.

The bulb is LED replaceable, and it can arrive dimmable if you request so. That’s a nice extra touch!

Go for this sconce if you want something modern and unique but you don’t want to create a focal point with your sconces.

They are best used as supplementary lighting to your ambient light fixtures although they can be used as standalone as well.

griffin wall lamp

Similar to the Lucian sconce but distinctively different, the Griffin sconce is an alternative that indeed creates a focal point.

This sconce projects light outwards and therefore is more prominent in the living room. Check out more pictures on Residence Supply to see what I’m talking about.

This is one of my favorite contemporary sconces for the living room because it can fill up empty space while still being discreet and providing enough ambient light.

It comes with a replaceable LED bulb and it is dimmable upon request.

ceres wall lamp

The Ceres sconce is another great option as it diffuses light both up and downwards.

As it is not the brightest, it is best used as complementary to other ambient light sources.

Consider buying the Ceres sconce if your contemporary living room has intense design elements such as sharp colors and multiple decorative components.

allen wall lamp

Finally, I have included a swing-arm sconce that can be used for task lighting.

Swing-arm sconces in the living room are an excellent choice but they should be used carefully in moderation. They look best on empty walls where they can serve as a focal point and, of course, over a task area that they can illuminate.

The Allen swing-arm sconce comes with a replaceable LED bulb that is dimmable upon request and has a high lumen output.

Do consider this sconce if you have no space for table or floor lamps and you want a stylish fixture that can complement your overall contemporary design.

Wrapping up

So there you have it.

Sconces in the living room might typically not be the best idea, but they can be extremely useful and stylish if you need them and know how to use them.

For contemporary living rooms, go for symmetric, minimal, color-neutral sconces after deciding whether you need them for ambient or task light.

Choose one of the plenty options above and you’re good to go! I would love to see a picture of your brand-new sconces in your living room, so don’t hesitate to send me an email at zach@plottedlights.com!


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