Hi there! I’m Zach, the creator and owner of Plotted Lights.

My aim with this website is to share some of my knowledge on interior lighting design, which has been my hobby ever since I can remember myself. I’ve found a very strong connection between humans’ emotions and light, and I’ve seen plenty of times how a lighting scheme can make or break the design of interior spaces.

Once you know how to manipulate lights around your house to fit your mood and desires, you’ll notice a huge spike on your creativity, relaxation, and even productivity. Not only that, but lighting can also be a cheap way to express yourself and reinvent your relationship with the space you spend most of your time in, without needing to buy expensive furniture or renovate entire rooms.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen that most people really underestimate the impact light (both natural and artificial) has on their mental and physical health. We usually only care about being able to see at night but lighting is so much more than that.

So my biggest ambition for this website is to figure out a way to show my content to people who are not actively searching for lighting tips. I don’t want to only connect with people interested in innovative lighting designs – I wish to convince more people to pay attention to the space around them, make it more fun, more dramatic, more interesting, and in general a nicer place to be in.

Backed by several new studies, I’m convinced that a significant portion of modern day’s anxiety and depression could be alleviated by proper lighting. Of course, this is not an end-all-be-all solution but it’s definitely one of the most fun ones!

So with that, I truly hope you enjoy your stay here, learn a few things, and be inspired to make simple but high-impact changes.

See you around!

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